Alu Poly Grout

It is a Polymer based high quality bonding Grout. The major solution of the Alupoly Paste is chemical resistant, flexible in colour, weather independent and maintenance free.
This is a bi-product from the Hydroxy process, and found to have superior qualities compared to Epoxy grout at a vastly reduced cost.
Best suitable - Ceramic Tiles, Glazed porcelain tiles, Glass Tiles, Metal Tiles, Vitrified Tiles, Marbles, Granites and Marbonites.
Supply form - 2 components (Paste and Hardener)
Mixing ratio - 100: 1 (Paste: Hardener)
Hardening time - Must be used within 15 minutes after mixing.
              Duration                      Stage
          0-30 Minutes                 Colloidal
         30-60 Minutes                 Elastic
             1-2 hrs                          Solid

  Alu Poly Grout has been tested by an International Agency and gives results superior to IS standards.
This is manufactured by Vaigunth Enertek and is being marketed by Trueskill.
Initial trials are in progress, and will be launched in soon in the market.