Small wind/ Wind-solar hybrid systems can provide electricity to either stand alone off-grid requirement or supplement the grid where grid supply is not reliable. Although renewable energy systems require upfront investment, if you invest up front in good equipment, design, and installation, wind-electric systems can make economic and environmental sense. They also bring a great deal of satisfaction, a feeling of knowing that you are helping in stopping/ reversing the damage to our environment





Shopping Malls

Will a wind solution suit my needs?

a. As a start, we need the coordinates of your planned sites - viz Latitude and Longitude - This will help us to identify the wind speed etc at your site.
b. You can use this internet site to find out the Lat/Long at your site:
d. You need to keep on zooming to locate your site.
e. Then - u have click on the exact spot of your site - this will generate a blue colored pointer/marker
f. Now - when u click on this blue marker - it will show the Lat / Long
g. Sometimes - more numbers of blue markers get formed- by wrong clicking --- right clicking on these will remove them
h. Please mail us the coordinates for the site where you want to locate the turbine.
i. We will get back to you with the output details and then we can discuss the various possible solutions.