Vaigunth Ener Tek (P) Ltd is a technology-driven company, formed with the primary objective of offering advanced technology products to customers worldwide.

Vaigunth Ener Tek (P) Ltd design products that are flexible, reliable, and provide, commercial, industrial and government customers with an invaluable asset.

           An open technology provider of power solutions, Vaigunth draws upon its 10 years of experience to blend appropriate energy sources - wind, sunlight with state-of-the-art controls and power electronics in systems tailored to each customer's unique needs. Vaigunth Ener Tek offers the opportunity to invest in a sustainable future at an attractive return. India is ripe for investment in wind-turbine generated electricity.            

The Company's Mission Statement is

"To become the leading supplier of Small wind turbines for wind power projects in India and all over the World"

         Wind energy has been the fastest growing energy source in the world since 1990. However, this growth has been achieved with wind turbine technology that has required subsidization. Vaigiunth plans to change this picture. Since 1997, Vaigunth has developed twisted and parabolic Aerodynamic blades and cost effect system of Small Wind Turbine upto 50 KW and  Solar Thermal Electrical Plant from 10 KW to 200 KW