Large Wind Projects

Marketing Proposition

  1. A one day program on Wind fundamentals and wind project implementation to the Client's senior management team, if required by customer (this is useful in cases where the Client is new to Wind energy and is looking at it as a diversification option)

  2. A brief report on wind resource details at target sites in the geographical location, identified by Trueskill / EPC partner, to facilitate shortlisting

  3. Feasibility study reports covering  power evacuation, logistics, rough topography study, creation of virtual wind farm and advise on mast quantity/positioning/specifications. Trueskill can organize site visits as required. As per Client requirements, Trueskill can organize reports from international organisation, as appropriate.

  4. Mast Installation & data gathering and final report including analysis of various turbine models, suitable for site, to arrive at gross and net expected energy output

  5. Negotiation with Turbine manufacturers and other equipment suppliers, if required by customer

  6. Assistance in all local approvals/licenses, site allocation & acquisition, PPA documentation etc through the EPC partner organization

Trueskill has tie up with EPC partners in leading states for Wind Energy like Gujarat, for offering Wind Projects where the customer can choose appropriate Wind Turbine and rest is taken care by Trueskill & EPC partner. Trueskill also offers through EPC partner developed sites with good wind regimes and thus high PLF.