About Trueskill Energen

Green Energy is the way forward, with depletion of conventional sources of energy, the likelihood of oil prices climbing up once again, the risks of nuclear energy etc. Climate change is generally accepted as the greatest threat facing the world. Energy from renewable sources does not cause any climate change since it has no harmful emissions.

Trueskill therefore wishes to be in the forefront of Renewable Energy – Wind & Solar.

It also wishes to market Energy Saving Equipments, from the principle that “Energy saved is Energy generated”

Trueskill Energen Vision

Create a paradigm shift in the Renewable Energy (RE) domain - using best scientific practices & innovative marketing tools

Span the spectrum of RE space covering Wind and Solar.

Bring together highly passionate and talented professionals and be the preferred company to work for in this domain.

Contribute to the cause of green energy.

Trueskill Energen Business proposition

Marketing of Renewable energy solutions including

  • Solar PV projects
  • Large Wind projects
  • Marketing of Energy saving products like Air Source water heaters Induction Cooking systems, etc.