Amersey Damoder Inc 

Amersey Damoder based Michigan/USA , had got into the PPE business from Mar 2020, handling trading of various PPE products like Surgical & Cloth Masks, Latex and Nitrile Gloves, Sanitizers, Body Suits etc.

Trueskill provides sourcing and other support to Amersey Damoder.

Amersey Damoder is also involved in various other businesses, some of which are in the Technology areas.

Trueskill intends to provide support, as required.

Green Enabled services P Ltd (Blubirch) 

Blubirch is in the business of Providing Inventory Management Solutions and facilitating reverse inventory commerce, through its B2B ECom site and provides a complete suite of solutions with the mission to:

  • Transform the way unused, returns, unsold or open box inventory is handled.
  • Optimise Value of Inventory Disposal - unique model of Bidding Portal - Large number of buyers by selective invite

Services are Domain and Geography agnostic. Domains cover Apparel and Accessories - Electronic Consumer Durables /Appliances - Electronics items like Laptops-PCs-Servers etc

Blubirch was Founded by Jeby Cherian, Sapan Jain and Amit Goel.

Trueskill is on Advisory Board of Blubirch and is supporting them in building their business in the Fashion space as well as other domains.

Origo Cosmeteuticals P Ltd 

Origo is in the business of creating and marketing cosmetics products with health benefits. It has applications for Skincare, haircare etc. Its products are based on Natural Ingredients.

They market their products through Doctor channels in India as well as export to several countries in Middle East, Africa etc.

Origo was founded Dr Mansur Khan (based Bangalore) and Dr Salim (based Muscat).

Trueskill is tied up with them to build their export markets in US, Canada, Mexico etc as well as get into the OTC space in India.

Products to be in launched in US, Canada and Mexico Markets with brand Name “Natively Natural”.


InSolare in partnership with Maetel of Europe brings best in class, optimal, end to end solar energy solution to India. They have developed Unique Single Axix tracking system  which is unique and cost effective. InSolar also in partnership with Solar Edge, brings to the market unique roof top solutions.

The leadership team of InSolare brings combined experience of over 75 years in Semiconductor Technology development and manufacturing. It is founded by

Dr. Sunit Tyagi: (Founder&  CEO. 24 years of wide experience in Semiconductor R&D & manufacturing and in oil exploration. He has 15 patents in the field of semiconductor devices and process technologies. Ph.D. from RPI in compound semiconductor growth and solar cell designed for space applications) AND

Dr. Hemanshu Bhatt: (Founder & CTO. brings 24 years of experience in inventing novel technologies, making products and delivering quality in semiconductors, materials and manufacturing process. He has  25 patents issued in his name.

Trueskill partners with Insolare in marketing large-scale Solar PV systems and the roof top syatems.

 Vaigunth Ener Tek Pvt Ltd - Chennai

Vaigunth is a Chennai headquartered company in business of manufacturing & selling small wind turbines for over ten years. It has also introduced new technologies like Concerntrated Solar Power (CSP), Hydroxy Generators, Alu Poly grouts etcspan>

Vaigunth has also developed a Solar Thermal solution which is a revolutionary technology in this space. This is a patented Turbine technology in the field of Concentrated Solar Power (CSP) – and is a very unique product in the field of Solar Thermal energy.Vaigunth is promoted by Mr S Manoharan who is also its MD. He is an Aeronautical Engineer from  IIT- Madras. He has done hands on research in the field of Rocket propulsion and all types of Turbines.

Trueskill has the marketing tie up with Vaigunth Ener Tek, to market the advanced renewable energy products offered by Ener Tek.

Trueskill is the marketing partner of Vaigunth Ener Tek for their products which include Hydroxy generators, Alu Poly grouts and Solar-Thermal generators.


SUNMAX is a manufacturer of Solar Water heater & all types of Solar products.

Its area of operation covers several markets in India and overseas. Established in the year 2002, since the last 7 years their mission is to be a leader in environment - friendly energy saving products.

Sunmax was founded by team of Technologists and is led by Mr E Anbarasu.

SUNMAX Energy Systemss Pvt Ltd provides a complete Turnkey solutions for Hot water applications which are more required in Industries, Hospitals, Canteens, Hotels, Educational Institutions,etc

Trueskill is the Marketing partner for Sunmax and intends expand the market for Air Source Water Heater (Heat Pumps) in several markets in India and overseas.