Hydroxy Generator

Hydroxy Generator is a Fuel Cell which splits the Water into Hydrogen & Oxygen.
The hydroxy generators has a circulating system design ie the water travels from the reservoir through the cell and then back into the reservoir. No water pumps are needed.
The key to this circulating system is the way the HHO dry cells are designed. Other dry cell designs claim to be successful with multi holes. The EnerTek HHO Dry Cell reduces IC Engine fuel consumption over all by creating a more efficient combustion cycle. In other words all the fuel is used.  A more efficient combustion cycle ensures usage of less fuel for the same throttle setting. But, the efficiency increase allows a lower throttle setting for a given power production and therefore reduces fuel consumption.
Further by burning of the Hydrogen it consumes other material in the cylinder such as excess lubricants and carbon residue thereby resulting in cleaner engine combustion chambers as well. When HHO is not in use the extra unused fuel going through engine is known as blow and this does not get used, and so  goes out of the exhaust as Hydro Carbons.
The benefits from a Hydroxy Generator are -

  • It saves money on Fuel by ensuring fuller conbustion
  • The Fuel saving is estimated at about 20 - 30%
  • Reduces emissions - nearly 60 % Reducing CO2 & about 25 % of CO
  • Hence it is huge cost saver and helps save the Environment

Important Features of Hydroxy Generator:

  •  All major parts are made by Stainless steel material
  •  Shell and tube Heat Exchanger for cooling system
  • Multiple SS Plates of Dry Cell HHO
  • •Analog reading for Voltage and Current indicator
  •  Liquid level indicator for Chemical tank, water tank and Diesel tank
  •  Panel board made of FRP